BLOG NEWS: Article: Job and His Friends There is no more fruitful field of study than that which is opened before us in the history of Go... ADtv: Total Transformation – 1001 – Co-dependence This lecture deals with the harmony and interdependence existing in the natural world. As the nat... Article: Once Again, Creation Movie Attracts Wide Interest Editor’s Note: The Creation movie produced by Henry Stober, an Adventist film maker, has been t... Testimony: Randy McWilliam Randy often takes walks with some friends he met at a gym. Through religious discussion, he learn... Article: 30 Bible Contradictions Cleared Up Thirty of the Bible’s seeming contradictions are solved. Who Incites David to Conduct Census?... World News: US Government Partners With McDonald’s In A Move Doctors Are Calling ‘Irresponsible’ The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says the changes go against USDA dietary recomm... Video: Thank You by Victor Gill The post Video: Thank You by Victor Gill appeared first on AD@Work Blog. Article: What Will Keep You Out of Heaven? In our quasi-Christian North American culture, this expectation runs rampant. But what if we’re... Donate! You have helped our ministry reach as many people as possible! Amazing Discoveries only exists be... Article: Eternal Airlift Gospel Shoe Company In these final scenes of Earth’s history, anyone who stands faithful and true to Jesus to the v...
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God's Educational Plan for the Last Days Part 1
Revelation 7 and Ezekiel 9: A Warning Message
  1. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  2. Carl Jung
  3. Jesuits and the Hippie Movement