BLOG NEWS: Article: Answering Tough Questions Q:Is Ellen G. White’s grave really an Egyptian obelisk? Also, she uses the phrase “all-seeing... ADtv: Edmund Gibbs’ Testimony As a man who had family relations with Freemasons and secret societies, living as a drug dealer a... Article: Buddhism Buddhism is a religion that began in Nepal around 2500 years ago. A Hindu prince, Siddhartha Gaut... Isaiah 41:13 The post Isaiah 41:13 appeared first on AD@Work Blog. ADtv: 2021 – Enmity – Battle Lines: Prologue Throughout the production, the concepts surrounding this issue of enmity were revealed to us in m... Article: Remaining Under Joel Kratzke’s article addresses the ways in which we can remain encouraged in the face of tria... Consider Giving: ADGiving Thank you for caring about the cause of God and wanting to give back to Him, as He has given to y... Article: When can the Sanctuary Close? The sanctuary in heaven will soon close for lack of business! The great message of Hebrews 10 is... ADtv: Testimony Listen to Cami express her heartfelt thanks to Amazing Discoveries and to Professor Walter Veith ... Article: The Separation of the Church and Israel The Bible uses the words “Israel” and “kingdom” in both literal and symbolic senses. Disp...
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