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Tyrannosaurus Rex was supposedly one of the most ferocious carnivores ever to exist. Tyrannosaurus had a huge body mass which defies the laws governing carnivores as body mass in carnivores is limited in order for them to maintain agility. The teeth are better suited to shredding than to slicing and assumptions on diet are generally poorly correlated to tooth structure. For example, a panda bear is classed as a carnivore based on its teeth, but its diet consists of bamboo. 
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Science Deceptions
Was life created or just a random set of events? What are the facts? A look at Evolution and Creation as viable forms of science.
A Basis for Conflict Evidence in Stone The Fossil Record Genes of Genesis Creation to Restoration Archaeology and the Bible
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Media Deceptions
Read about the media deceptions today in music, movies, and games.
Crossing Musical Boundaries Hollywood and the Movies Brain Closed—Please Come Again The Dangers of Television Violence and Video Games The Origins of Halloween
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What started the Protestant Reformation? Was the Reformation a success? Does it still matter today?
Catholic Councils The Jesuits The Pope Claims to be God on Earth Cross and Crown The Aggressive Intentions of the Papacy Stories of the Reformation Religious Doublespeak Hegelian Thinking and World Politics The Great Controversy
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Spiritual Deceptions
Does the Bible have anything to say to our current age? Truth does matter. How do we make sense of all the doctrinal interpretations? A look at the Bible through the eyes of history.
Economic Buzzwords Two Kinds of Unity What is the Seventh-Day Sabbath? Pope Francis And The Emerging One World Religion Comparing the Bible with New Age teachings Understanding 1 Corinthians The History of the United Nations The First Plague Daniel Prophesies of the Antichrist Viewpoints Fascism Archaeology Confirms the Bible Why Prophecy? Signs of The Second Coming of Christ The Twin Lies of Eden Creation and the Sabbath Jesus - The Only God? Is the Bible True? The Spiritual United Nations Experiential Religion Lectio Divina Babylonian Religion Choosing the Books of the Bible Death: Understanding the Terminology Understanding the Context Freemasonry Sun Worship Revelation Identifies End-Time Babylon The Second Plague Studying Scripture Ancient Roots 1 Corinthians 12: Spiritual Gifts Wealth Redistribution The Charismatic Movement Identifying the Antichrist The Image of the Beast Spirituality and Secret Societies Who is Jesus? What is the Judgment? A Biblical Understanding of Death The Weekly Cycle Scripture is Inspired by God Testing the Gospel of Thomas How God Communicates with His People True Unity New Age Masters Contemplative Prayer and Meditation What are Spiritual Gifts? The Pope and the Archbishop Paganism and Mary Concessions that Changed the World Spiritism throughout Religions Catholic Pentecostalism Sustainability The Role of the Prophet Paganism and the Priesthood Jesuits Behind Politics Clashing Canons The Pagan Origins of Mass Who is the Rock on which Jesus said He would build His Church? The Resurrection of Lazarus Christian Living Probation and God's Promises Unity at All Cost? Testing the Gospel of Judas Sunday: The Roman Catholic Emblem Labyrinth Walking The Third Plague Unity after the Reformation Unity among Christians Defining the Spiritual Gifts Unity across Religions Testing the Prophets Pentecostalism The Occult and Secret Societies Babylon Robert Muller's Global Education The Charismatic Movement and Spiritual Gifts Consequences Begin Spiritual Direction Spiritism Paganism and Christmas Why is the Sabbath Commandment Relevant? The Pope's Knights Lost Books: Are they Really Lost? The Fourth Plague Good God, Bad World. Why? The New Age Movement The Fifth Plague End-Time Unity Global Citizenship Yoga Hell and Purgatory Manifesting the Charismatic Spirit Deliverance and Armageddon How Christ will Return Enforcing Rome's Mark The Gift of Prophecy in "the Time of the End" A Lesson in Love Paganism and Catholicism The Title Pontifex Maximus Theosophy and Alice Bailey A Global Economic Order Satan Bound What will Happen to God's People? American Mega-Churches and Spiritual Formation Paganism in our Culture Mark of the Beast An Immediate Afterlife? The Spirit in Scripture Choosing a Side The Sixth Plague Dealing with Tongues A Prophet for the Remnant A Global Religion God's People will Judge A New Age Culture The Gospel Story The United Nations' Global Government The Seventh Plague What will Happen to the Rejecters of God? Secret Societies Two Beasts Become Friends The Lost Books of the Bible List of the "Lost Books" The Parable of Lazarus The History of Tongues Applying the Test to Ellen White Will there be a Secret Rapture? Postmillennial Return of Christ Spiritual Formation in the Evangelical Church Signs and Wonders A New Age Psychology Revival and the "Power of God" The Resurrection of those who Reject God Walking Through Daniel The Crowning of Christ The Seven Plagues Walking through Revelation The Punishment for those who Reject God Is the Pope a King? The Earth Made New Prophecy: God's Guiding Gift Paganism: Comparing Catholicism and Hinduism Why Sunday? Spiritual Gifts Sabbath FAQ The Mystic Realm of Death What’s So Bad about Spiritual Formation? Zionism Tolerance?
Health Deceptions
Many of the ways we "care" for our bodies can actually be harmful to our health. Are dairy and meat products as wholesome as we believe? And how do we escape the unhealthy lifestyle that is so prevalent in our culture?
Excitotoxins Is a Little Wine Good for the Heart? The Dairy Controversy Poisoned Meats Genetically Modified Foods Refined Grains Coffee Sugar—Affecting the Body and Mind Can You Beat the Nicotine? Deathtraps in the Cosmetics we Use Necessary Treatments? Depression Get Healthy! Helpful Health Charts