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Sharing AD Materials
Sharing AD Materials
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Want to take your understanding of Scripture and prophecy to the next level? These study guides from John Triplett and Professor Walter Veith are great tools for uncovering truth.
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Total Onslaught Rekindling the Reformation Rabbinic Curse Repairing the Breach
Encyclopedia of Terms and Customs
Get straight facts and Biblical insight about many historical figures, complicated religious terms, and rituals.
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Religious Terms Defined
Learn the history and theology behind some of Christianity's most popular doctrines. For more definitions and explanations, visit our encyclopedia.
The Rise and Spread of Futurism Futurism and Preterism Dispensationalism The Three Angels' Messages Bible Symbols Chart
The San Francisco Chronicle issue featuring Mussolini and Gasparri's pact.
Visual Reference Index
Find images of our references and sources not available online.
Papal coin of Pius VI from the 1700s, with the title
Visual Proof: Calling the Pope God
The Papacy has claimed that the Pope is divine. Here is one source that calls the Pope "Lord God the Pope."