Frequently Asked Questions

Amazing Discoveries™ is a non-profit organization. The main branch is located in British Columbia, Canada with a subsidiary in Washington, USA. A sister branch is also located in Germany. The main bulk of the work in North America is done in Canada. Altogether, between AD Canada and AD USA, there are approximately 27 employees and contractors that help make the mission of Amazing Discoveries a reality.

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How is Amazing Discoveries™ run?

Amazing Discoveries is run by a board in each of the respective branches. In North America, the Canadian branch and the US branch work as an interlocking board. The board members are: Wenzel Goubej, Victor Gill, Dagmar Goubej, Mark Kiefiuk, Nettie Gill, Wendy Goubej, Mark Cleminson, Connie Morrissey and Veronica Stoiu.

How does Amazing Discoveries™ support itself?

For over 15 years, Amazing Discoveries was primarily supported by the directors' own funds, with sales of DVDs helping to keep the ministry going. Amazing Discoveries is now supported through the donations of supporters who believe in our mission and work, and have seen value in the message and want to help us share it with the world. Sales of our DVDs form a very small part of our ministry, and help to cover part of the administrative costs so that we can use more donation dollars towards evangelistic efforts. When you purchase DVDs from Amazing Discoveries, you are helping to support the cost of running the ministry.

Because we believe that Jesus is coming soon and because we desire the message of our DVDs to reach as many as possible, the Amazing Discoveries Board made the mission-minded decision, at the end of 2011, to lift the copyright ban on four of Walter Veith's series: Total Onslaught, Rekindling the Reformation, Life At Its Best, and Genesis Conflict (for a complete list, click here), allowing the DVDs to be copied & distributed freely without profit.

Copies may only be made from DVDs purchased directly from Amazing Discoveries and must be made of the complete presentation with nothing added or removed. Any sale of any copies made is strictly forbidden.

Does Walter Veith get any benefit from Amazing Discoveries™?

Walter Veith receives a small royalty for sale of the DVDs, and uses this remuneration to cover additional research costs and other ministry expenses incurred while traveling to Amazing Discoveries. Other than that, he receives no profit from the ministry. Walter Veith is an employee of the South African conference, working as a pastor and evangelist in the African Division.

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How can I help support the work of Amazing Discoveries™?

Amazing Discoveries™ is an independent ministry that receives no denominational funding or subsidies.

Amazing Discoveries™ is funded through donations from friends and supporters. The sale of our products helps to support our administrative costs, so that as much of your donation as possible can be used for our projects and mission.

Illegal copying and distributing of our DVDs forces us to use donation funds to cover administrative costs.

You can call us at 1-866-572-9457 to give a gift or give online.

Can I watch or hear Amazing Discoveries™ materials online?

Absolutely. Our new Internet streaming site offers you access to all of our material online anytime. No registration is required. You can also listen to our series in audio format.

Can I watch Amazing Discoveries™ materials on TV?

Yes you can! We are now broadcasting all our presentations on our new MOIPTV Channel. To view our broadcasts, you will need to purchase an MOIPTV Box here. The box will come with several channels including FOX News channel, 3ABN, Hope Channel, LLBN (Loma Linda Broadcasting Network), several Spanish channels, 3ABN Russian channel, 3ABN Kids channel and more. The MOIPTV box works without satellite and without a computer. You can even go back 2 to 3 days and watch any program that has already been broadcast. Visit to order your unit today.

Is there a way to download the lectures?

No, we don't offer downloads of our videos at this time. You can, however, view most lectures in high quality for free online at

Can I link to from my website?

We are happy that you would like to put a link to on your website. On our Link to Us page, there are banners you can use to link to us. If you would like to exchange links, we will forward your request to our Web Coordinator and he will contact you.

Can I purchase Amazing Discoveries™ material in Australia?

Yes, you can purchase material from our Australian distributor, Steps to Life Australia.

Can I purchase Amazing Discoveries™ material in South Africa?

Yes, you can purchase material from Filadelfia Church (SDA church in Pretoria): +27 844044002, Dianne Herbst (contact person)

Can I purchase Amazing Discoveries™ material in Europe?

Yes, you can purchase material from Amazing Discoveries™ Europe.

Do you have other websites?

Yes. You can find our health articles and health products by visiting

Can I make a copy of my favorite lecture?

Unless explictly indicated, all material by Amazing Discoveries™ is copyrighted and may not be duplicated.

Sales are an important part of our funding, covering administrative costs and allowing us to use donations more fully for our projects and mission rather than administrative expenses.

We are aware of many individuals who have reproduced our DVDs and made their own business of "selling" the copies at very low prices, some even going so far as to place their own name and website onto our material. Most of these individuals have done so without permission. Unfortunately, Amazing Discoveries™ needs to cover its costs, which are significantly higher than simply taking someone else's work and paying for blank DVDs to copy.

We do understand that purchasing our set is a significant financial investment and that lending them out might jeopardize their quality. Also, we know that many of you would like to share the wonderful information on their DVDs with friends, family, and colleagues. We do offer discounts to those who have already purchased a set. These discounts cover additional full sets as well as very low prices for large quantities of DVDs to distribute for witnessing purposes.

Please call our office at 1-866-572-9457 to find out about these discounts.

Please note that in October 2011, the AD Board made the decision to lift the copyright ban on the following DVDs:

  • The Genesis Conflict (8-DVD set)
  • Life at Its Best (5-DVD series)
  • Rekindling the Reformation (11-DVD series)
  • Total Onslaught (36-DVD series)
  • Total Onslaught Miniseries (10-DVD series)
  • Total Onslaught: Final Conflict Update (5-DVD series)
  • From Evolutionist to Creationist: Personal Testimony
  • 1844: The Day That Changed the World DVD
  • Army of the Lord DVD
  • Charisma of the Spirit DVD
  • Come Up Higher DVD
  • Consuming Fire DVD
  • Faith DVD
  • Jenkins and Veith Interview: A Healthy Lifestyle DVD
  • Jenkins and Veith Interview: Heart to Heart DVD
  • Jenkins and Veith Interview: Life Experiences DVD
  • Via Ut Roma (Road to Rome) DVD
  • The Alpha of Apostasy DVD
  • Are you Ready? DVD
  • Doing the Father's Will DVD
  • Fully Surrendered, Totally Committed DVD
  • Keep Looking to Jesus DVD
  • Make Haste DVD
  • The Omega of Apostasy DVD
  • Radar for Eternity (27-DVD series)
  • Sleepwalking DVD
  • The Narrow Way Series (12-DVD series)


Duplication is only for free distribution for witnessing purposes. Copies may only be made from DVDs purchased from Amazing Discoveries and must be made of the complete presentation with nothing added or removed. Any sale of any copies made is strictly forbidden.

Do you accept tithe?

Amazing Discoveries™ does not accept donations marked tithe. When a donation is received marked tithe, the cheque or monies will be returned to the donor.

Is Lux-Verbi an authorized seller of Amazing Discoveries™ materials?

Lux-Verbi Books is not an authorized reseller of our product and is not associated in any way with Amazing Discoveries™.

What is Walter Veith's relationship with the Biblical Research Institute?

In the past, there has been some misunderstanding regarding the relationship between the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) and Walter Veith. Walter and Amazing Discoveries have been accused by Church leaders of not responding on their view on the issues of Bible translations.

The following documents are the dialogue between Walter Veith and the BRI. To date, the BRI has not replied to Walter Veith's last response. The issue still stands.

You will note that the BRI has provided no clarity on the two questions raised by Professor Veith: the issue of Ellen G. White used for exegesis, and the identity of the man of sin. We hope that as the full story is made available to our readers and supporters, previous misunderstandings about Walter Veith's interactions with the BRI will be clarified.


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