Details about our speakers
Walter Veith
Professor Walter Veith
Professor Walter J. Veith has traveled widely throughout North America and the world presenting his seminars to large enthusiastic crowds. The information presented is based on his in-depth research in the areas of evolution/Creation, health and diet, and Bible prophecy.
Rudy & Jeanie Davis
Rudy & Jeanie Davis
Rudy and his wife, Jeanie, are naturopathic doctors who hold public health seminars across the country bringing the principles of health reform to many people who would otherwise never enter a church.
Francois DuPlessis
Francois DuPlessis fell in love with archaeology in Lebanon 1966 when he saw an ancient Phoenician sarcophagus, and his passion for Biblical research continues today.
Philip Sizemore
Phillip Sizemore
Phillip Sizemore has been a literature evangelist and pastored a two-church district in Kentucky from 2007-2009. From 2009-2011, he served as Associate Director for a school of evangelism and now pastors in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Victor Gill
Pastor Victor Gill has officially retired from 20 years of pastoring in various churches across Canada from Newfoundland to BC and years of evangelism across Canada, India, and the Ukraine. However, he continues to minister through evangelism and revival both at home and abroad.
Daniel Pel
Speaker Daniel Pel has traveled extensively to present relevant and engaging topics from the Scriptures. Born in New Zealand, Daniel has spent most of his life in Europe.
Dan Gabbert
Dan and his wife Patsy are currently practicing Biblical Response Therapy® as mental/spiritual health coaches for the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
Mark Cleminson
Mark Cleminson is a lay speaker who shares messages of hope and truth in Seventh-day Adventist and secular meetings. A history buff, Mark is an avid supporter of the Spirit of Prophecy and the impact it has on the living faith of Adventist believers. Mark and his wife, Diana, live in New England.
Joel Kratzke
Having served as lay pastor and pastor for six years in the Rocky Mountain Conference, Joel Kratzke has witnessed God bring many dear people to the Lord through the present truth of the Three Angels’ Messages.
Rob McClintock
Dr. McClintock is a naturopathic doctor from Idaho who specializes in treating autoimmune diseases.

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