Fossil Record
Fossils preserved in layers of rock that scientists use to study the history of life.
The idea that the earth has experienced a sudden, global natural disaster. This idea aligns with the Biblical account of the Flood.
Containing many grains of glauconite, a greenish mineral often used as a fertilizer.
Single-celled organisms that have a nucleus, such as algae.
The Fossil Record
Author: Professor Walter J. Veith, PhD
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Summary: What does the fossil record show us? Is it all random or a defined science that we can understand? Where does evolution fit? Uncover mysteries in the history of the Earth.

Since ancient times, people have noticed that fossils existed of animals that did not resemble living species. Also, seashells could be found in the strangest places, even on the tops of the highest mountain ranges. Even the ancient Greeks were aware of these fossilized remains of creatures. Heredotus (484-425 BC) suggested that they came about as a consequence of changes in the positions of the sea and land. 

Many theories regarding fossils have been propagated. Fossils were recognized as extinct species whose place has been filled by the creatures living today. The catastrophic model was also accepted by Bible-believing scholars, who attributed the fossils to the destruction of animals during the Flood described in Genesis.

 But as more and more people accepted the idea of long ages of time as an explanation for what we see in the world, numerous questions also grew concerning the validity of the Biblical account.

How did all the animals get into the ark? Why is there a particular order in the fossil record? How did the animals get to the various continents from the ark? Why do the animals found in the fossil record look so different from ones we see today? 

These questions led to a search for naturalistic explanations for the fossil record and the origin of life. Before Darwin, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829) proposed that the geological discontinuities in the record represented gradual changes in the environment and climate to which the species were exposed, and through their effects on organisms, these changes led to the transformation of species. Geologists Hutton and Lyell expanded this concept, and Charles Darwin added the biological arm. The fossil record is today considered to be the severest blow to all anti-evolutionary ideas. But is it?

Ironically, the scientific views on the question of origins have a tendency to go full circle. Although catastrophism was rejected by evolutionists, many scientists are today returning to catastrophism and even to the Biblical account of the Flood to explain many of the features of the geological column and the fossil record.

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The universality of the Flood is the one feature that is still often discarded by the modern scientific mind. The idea is often scoffed at that God would have destroyed the whole world, and that the life forms existing today are the descendants of the sea creatures that survived the catastrophe and land creatures that entered the ark. However, the Bible is not the only source that speaks about the worldwide Flood. Virtually every society on every continent has the story of a global deluge in its folklore.i

There is indeed evidence in the geological column that there was a universal flood covering of the earth—compelling evidence that cannot readily be ignored: 

Massive fossil graveyards show evidence of plants and animals being washed into position.

Huge sedimentary deposits speak of large-scale coverage by water. Nearly 75% of the earth's exposed surface is covered with sedimentary rock deposits.

Vast coal and oil fields of the world are further evidence of a global catastrophe. No process occurring today can even remotely approach the magnitude of the flood necessary to account for such a vast scale of universal burial of plants and other organic material.

Chalk deposits of the world are universal. Chalk is formed from the skeletons of marine protozoa and algae, and can only settle out of relatively shallow water. In deep oceans, the calcium carbonate shells dissolve on the way down to the ocean floor. The chalk deposits are thus an indication of worldwide coverage of a relatively shallow sea. Chalk deposits of the same age are found in North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and all of these deposits are resting on the same type of glauconitic sandstone.ii For these factors to be so universal, the same conditions must have existed universally.

Read more about the fossil record's evidence of a Flood:

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Order in the Fossil Record
The belief that animals progressed from simple to complex is a monumental misconception. There is no simple generalized animal anywhere in the fossil record. If anything, the fossil record is evidence of devolution rather than evolution.
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Evolution of the Horse
According to evolution, the more phalanges a creature has acquired the higher evolved it will be. If so, what about the horse?
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Evolutionary Sequences
Even evolutionists admit that the family trees and order of evolution is based on speculation, not on the fossil record's evidence.
Source: Cliff1066 on Flickr.
Explosive Evolution
How does evolution account for the Cambrian Explosion? Could it not have been Creation?
CC Kelvin Walsh on Flickr
Fossils prove a Flood
Are the changes we see in our planet just transitions over millions of years? Or could changes in the planet be made over short periods of time?
CC BY-SA 3.0 Richard Wheeler
Fossil Footprints
What can we learn from ancient footprints in fossilized rocks?
Tyrannosaurus Rex was supposedly one of the most ferocious carnivores ever to exist. Tyrannosaurus had a huge body mass which defies the laws governing carnivores as body mass in carnivores is limited in order for them to maintain agility. The teeth are better suited to shredding than to slicing and assumptions on diet are generally poorly correlated to tooth structure. For example, a panda bear is classed as a carnivore based on its teeth, but its diet consists of bamboo. 
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Dinosaurs and the Flood
Dinosaurs have intrigued us ever since the discovery of their prehistoric bones. What can they tell us about the conditions of Earth in their time?
A petrified log in Namibia. Note that the bark is stripped and the roots are ripped off. Moreover these logs lie orientated in direction of stream flow. This is a feature common to petrified forests all over the world showing that the flood conditions were universal. Copyright Walter Veith / Amazing Discoveries
Petrified Trees
The rare process of petrification has left forests full of evidence for us to explore.
The Biblical Flood
Natural disasters have occurred all throughout history: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes. Is it possible that the world could have at one time been destroyed by a worldwide Flood?
CC Elias Levy on Flickr
Reasons For Extinction
If evolution is true, why are we losing more species every year rather than gaining new ones?
Fossil Reefs
Coral reefs are said to be the oldest living communities in the world. If this is so what can we learn from them? Will we find evidence of evolution or credit to Creation?
The Speed of Reef Growth
Source: Wikimedia Commons
The Post-Flood World
Imagine a world as the Bible describes at Creation: beautiful and perfect. What happened? What must of it been like in the post-flood world?
CC BY-SA 4.0 Didier Descouens
Human Evolution
Is there concrete evidence of the evolution of humans? Can we follow prehistoric bones to a monkey-like ancestor? Maybe Creation is a theory worth considering.

Updated March 2010.



i. Herbert S. Robinson and Knox Wilson, Myths and Legends of All Nations (New York: Bantam Books, 1950).

ii. Derek V. Ager, The Nature of the Stratigraphic Record 2nd edition (London: MacMillan Press Ltd., 1983).

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The Fossil Record
What does the fossil record show us? Is it all random or a defined science that we can understand? Where does evolution fit? Uncover mysteries in the history of the Earth.
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