Walking through Revelation
Summary: Join us on a journey through the pages of this letter from Christ to His people.

Understanding the Book of Revelation and the Purpose of Prophecy

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The word revelation means to reveal or disclose. In a special sense, the book of Revelation is meant to reveal vital issues to the New Testament Church—the end-time Church in particular—about end-time events. God does not want us to be ignorant about the future:

Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, 

Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7 NKJV).

God has always wanted people to be informed, aware, and warned about future difficulties. Throughout the history of Israel, He sent prophets to warn His people about future impending doom. It has always been God’s purpose to steer people away from calamity.

Jonah was sent to Nineveh to warn and rebuke the people that if they did not turn away from their evil doings, their city would be destroyed. The people of Nineveh heeded the warning and their city was spared, along with some 60,000 souls and much cattle (Jonah 3).

When the 10 tribes of Israel were heading down the path of debasement through idol worship and disgusting practices, God sent prophet after prophet to warn them to turn back. God also provided a wonderful preview of Earth’s history through Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and gave Israel hope that they would be returned from captivity to their homeland.

Biblical Prophecy: Warning and Encouragement

God uses prophecy for two purposes: to warn and to encourage. For example, prophecy warns us of the Enemy’s plans and encourages us with hope and the promise of victory. The book of Revelation is full of such warnings and encouragements. It discusses the forces working against Christ and the actions they will take, so that we can recognize them when they happen, and steer clear of any participation with the Antichrist forces.

We also read in the book of Revelation about the promise of final restoration—a new heaven and a new Earth. These come with the final destruction of sin and Satan, the originator of sin. Because Revelation pertains specifically to the end of time, and because we live in the closing time of Earth’s history, this book, in particular, deserves our attention if we want to recognize the signs and know the future.

When we understand what is to take place, our fear of the end times won’t control us. And that’s what God wants. When calamities occur, many are afraid and wonder what is happening. But those that study God’s Word don’t need to be afraid. In His kindness, God gives us the sure word of prophecy for our warning and encouragement.

The Book of Revelation is a Revelation of Christ

Jesus Christ is the central theme of everything we read in Revelation. He is the heart of the book. It is crucial that as we study some of the darker prophecies about the Antichrist and the final controversy, we remember that Christ is the ultimate Victor over all evil.

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The Chiastic Structure of Revelation
Biblical writers and prophets often used forms of poetry to write down their messages from God. This poetry does not use a specific rhythm or rhyme. Rather, literary artistry brings import to the message.
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Is Revelation a Sealed Book?
Is the book of Revelation meant to be understood by the common person?
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Revelation 1: Jesus, The Heart of Revelation
Revelation 1 sets the tone for the rest of the book: it establishes Christ at the center of the story.
Revelation 1 Clouds 
Revelation 1 Commentary: The Revelation of Jesus
Read Revelation 1 KJV along with a helpful commentary.
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Revelation 2-3: Letters to Seven Churches
Seven letters are send from Christ to seven churches throughout Asia Minor in Revelation 2-3. These letters have prophetic significance for all God's people throughout history and today.
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Revelation 2 Angel 
Revelation 2 Commentary: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira
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Revelation 3 Door knock 
Revelation 3 Commentary: Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea
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Revelation 4 Heaven's door
Revelation 4 Commentary: The Throne in Heaven
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The Throne, The Lamb and the Sealed Book
This article on Revelation 4 and 5 is an excerpt from the book Unveiling Daniel and Revelation by Roy Allan Anderson.
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Revelation 5 Commentary: The Scroll and the Lamb
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Revelation 6 Horseman 
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Revelation 6 Commentary: The Vision of Seven Seals
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Revelation 7 Angel
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Revelation 7 Commentary: The 144,000
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Revelation 8 Trumpeting Angel https://www.flickr.com/photos/mjuzenas/3652270249/in/photolist-68eTYV-6yJQGH
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Revelation 9 Smoke 
Revelation 9 Commentary: The Bottomless Pit
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Revelation 10 Heaven & Earth 
Revelation 10 Commentary: A Little Book
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Revelation 11 Lightning 
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Revelation 12 Dragon Source: Flickr.
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Revelation 13 666 
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Revelation 14 Grapes 
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Revelation 16 Bowls
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A woman rides the beast. Revelation 17
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Revelation 18 Spices 
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Revelation 21 Alpha and Omega 
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