Spiritual Deceptions
Summary: Does the Bible have anything to say to our current age? Truth does matter. How do we make sense of all the doctrinal interpretations? A look at the Bible through the eyes of history.
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Is the Bible True?
If archaeology and prophecy have proven the Bible to be true, then why is it a point of so much controversy?
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Archaeology Confirms the Bible
Can the Bible be trusted to provide answers to our questions? Does it contain truth? Learn about the archeological evidence that proves the Bible's authenticity.
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Choosing the Books of the Bible
Doctrine, authorship, and the ability to transform lives were all factors for the Church in choosing which books should be included in the Bible.
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Who is Jesus?
Is Jesus really who He says He is?
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Studying Scripture
The Bible is an ancient book. What is the value of studying Scripture today, and how would we even begin?
A Bible handwritten in Latin, on display in Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire, England. The Bible was written in Belgium in 1407 AD, for reading aloud in a monastery.
Scripture is Inspired by God
What sets the Bible apart from other books? What does the Bible itself say about its inspiration?
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Testing the Gospel of Thomas
Does the Gospel of Thomas prove itself worthy of being considered canonical?
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Testing the Gospel of Judas
The validity of Gospel of Judas is scrutinized. Do its teaching fall in line with Scripture?
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Clashing Canons
Several doctrines in the apocryphal writings contradict the Bible. Compare and contrast several verses from both sources and see for yourself where the truth can be found.
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Christian Living
Consider the crucial points of the Christian life with author Wendy Goubej.
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Good God, Bad World. Why?
Did God create sin? If not, where did it come from?
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Lost Books: Are they Really Lost?
Can the Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha, and Didache actually be considered lost books, or was there another reason they weren't included in the Bible?
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A Day of Rest
Have you taken a day to recreate lately?
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The Lost Books of the Bible
Several books were written around the time of Christ but are not included in the Bible. What separates these books from the 66 chosen to comprise Scripture?
List of the "Lost Books"
A list of the nearly 40 apocryphal and pseudepigraphical books that some say belong in the Bible.
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The Gospel Story
Since the beginning of time, God has communicated timely messages to the inhabitants of planet Earth. It all started in Eden, with the first Gospel announcement.
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Signs and Wonders
Are miraculous signs the best way to be sure that God exists?
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Walking Through Daniel
Dive into prophecy and history in this chapter-by-chapter commentary of the book of Daniel.
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Walking through Revelation
Join us on a journey through the pages of this letter from Christ to His people.
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Deceptions Today
The greatest deceptions are still being formed in society today. Secret international alliances, the mark of the Beast, the New Age, and other issues are discussed.
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The Second Coming of Christ
How will Christ return, and what will it mean for His people?
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The Millennium of Peace
Learn about the Bible's prophecies on God's judgment, deliverance, Armageddon, and the earth made new.
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Spiritual Gifts
Learn from Paul as he teaches the Corinthian Church about spiritual gifts.
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The Mystic Realm of Death
Is there more to death than the fact that it is the opposite of life?
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