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The great world religions can all trace their roots to the religious system of Babylon and we find its most perfect modern counterpart in Roman Catholicism. Catholicism is the key to uniting Christianity with paganism and thus bringing about the final apostasy foretold in the book of Revelation. The Papacy and the World Council of Churches is seeking to unite all religions. On the surface, it would seem impossible to achieve - as religions are so different. Hinduism is seen as something so completely different from Christianity, for example. However, as seen through the many galleries on this page, all the great religions have pagan rituals, customs, and symbols that are alike. The deities' names may change, but the actual deity does not.

For thousands of years, Satan has been attempting to counterfeit the truth of God and His Word. When God set up the system of sacrificing a Lamb for one's sins to remind humanity of the coming Redeemer, Satan quickly turned it into a works-based system to appease a wrathful God. Instead of a loving God giving Himself for man, God was turned into a wrathful unjust killer.

The trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost was shortly turned into a Father-Mother-Son trinity, and the beautiful good news of Jesus being born as a human child to an earthly mother was perverted as well. The mother was venerated almost more than the child was as the goddess of fertility. Sexual connotations further twisted the good news of the gospel until, after so many millennia, many secular skeptics use the twisted traditions of the pagan religions as a hammer to disprove the truths of the Bible.

Today, Catholicism is attempting to unite all religions under its spiritual leadership. This is only possible because all religions are based on the same pagan occult system of Babylon that Satan started so long ago. The religion of Christ is to be replaced with the religion of Babylon. Mary (a substitute for the pagan Isis) will be venerated and for the Christian world the "Cosmic Christ" or pagan Maitreya will take the place of Jesus Christ. In the form of a revived Mithraism, the ancient Osiris cult will once again become the dominant religion of the world. In the following galleries, you will find a comparison of the ancient religion and its modern counterpart in pictorial form.

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