Veith - Truth Matters (Book)


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Release date: 1997 2002 2007
Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.4 x 1.1
Number of pages: 533
Format: soft cover
ISBN: 9780968236338

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In a confusing world of spiritual movements and religious error, God's truth rings clear. Are you willing to listen?
(531 pages)

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Product Description

An authoritative book on the special messages of the Adventist Church, Truth Matters shows that we need not be discouraged by ridicule or the censure of the world.

Dr. Walter Veith gives a clear and thorough delineation of truth about these topics and more:
-Biblical prophecy
-the end times
-the Second Coming
-the Three Angels’ Messages
-life after death
-the New Age movement
-the sanctuary message
-the validity of Ellen G. White's teachings

Complete with graphs, illustrations, and photos, Truth Matters is excellent for use in personal or group Bible study, or as a reference.

Download Istina I Nase Vreme, the Slavic version of Truth Matters, on PDF.