BLOG NEWS: BC Flooding Announcement Dear friends: You may have heard about the catastrophic flooding in Vancouver, British Columbia, ... An Update From Inside Amazing Discoveries Dear Friends: We’d like to announce some exciting and important updates from inside Amazing Dis... Make a donation to Amazing Discoveries by using Amazon Smile A little goes a long way! Did you know that you can make a donation to Amazing Discoveries by usi... AD Sabbath School #12 – A Message Worth Sharing – with Robert Blais – 2020 Lesson 12 of this quarter, “A Message Worth Sharing ” #ADSabbathSchool The post AD Sabbath S... Enter – Christopher Hudson The signs around us tell us probation is about to close and the time has come that judgment must ... 291 – Pearls of Truth in Settings of Gold / Conflict and Triumph – Walter Veith Because of persecution, the truths that the Reformers died for have taken root in many nations ar... Mind of God – Christopher Hudson Revelation 13 tells about a crisis that is coming upon the earth. Many people will take the mark ... James 2:24 View this post on Instagram "Genuine faith will be manif... Pricks Of God – Martin Smith “We live in a time where everything that is plainly stated in the Bible has to be interpreted b... AD Sabbath School #09 – Developing a Winning Attitude – with Robert Blais – 2020 Lesson 09 of this quarter, “Developing a Winning Attitude” #ADSabbathSchool The post AD Sabb...
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God's Educational Plan for the Last Days Part 1
Revelation 7 and Ezekiel 9: A Warning Message
  1. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  2. Carl Jung
  3. Jesuits and the Hippie Movement
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