09.03.02 - The Employee Free Choice Act is a Deception
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Summary: The EFCA is not about helping workers - it's about making it easier for Big Labor to plunder the wages of workers through the forced payment of union dues.

After all that labor unions did to help Barack Obama and other Democrats get elected in 2008, the unions are expecting some serious payback. President Obama has already issued a number of executive orders beneficial to Big Labor, such as one instructing federal agencies to favor union labor and pay union wage rates on federal contracts (thereby discriminating against the 92 percent of the private sector that is not unionized). Naturally, this drives up the cost of government, and this added financial burden will be shouldered by the American taxpayer.

But labor leaders want far more than that, because union membership in the private sector has been dropping for decades, which means that relatively less money from union dues has been flowing into the coffers of Big Labor.

The union bosses want Congress to enact a so-called "card check" bill, which has been given the Orwellian name of "The Employee Free Choice Act" (EFCA), in order to hide the real intent of the legislation. Under present law, if union organizers can get at least 30 percent of employees in a company to sign petition cards requesting a union, then the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) can authorize a secret-ballot election. If more than 50 percent of employees sign cards, then the labor union can try to unionize the employees without a secret-ballot vote. However, the employer has the right to ask for a secret-ballot election overseen by the NLRB, to confirm that the employees really want a union to bargain for them.

Under the EFCA rules, however, if more than 50 percent of employees were to sign union authorization cards, then the employer’s right to request a secret-ballot election would be taken away. A secret-ballot election could still take place, but only if the labor union were to agree to hold one. Of course, no labor union would want to run the risk of being rejected by secret ballot, after browbeating a majority of workers into signing authorization cards. Hence, those who argue that the EFCA does not remove secret-ballot elections from the union organizing process are not being completely honest.

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