12.09.13 - Mass Animal Deaths in 2012
Summary: Thousands of animals of all different species have mysteriously died over the past year.

Thousands of animals across the world have been dying for unknown reasons. These global instances of mass deaths happening at an alarming rate make one think that human tampering or chemical poisoning is involved. Here are just some news highlights for each month in 2012 tracking these strange deaths that continue to occur up until the present day. Whatever the reason for the deaths, it certainly shows creation's groaning and the need for Jesus to come and restore all things as recorded in Romans 8:22.


January 2 - Dead Herring Mystery for Norway as Thousands Wash Up on Beach


February 21 - 25 Rare Turtles Wash Up Dead in Bangladesh


March 13 - Salmon Deaths a Mystery in New Zealand


April 13 - Bee Bodies Bring Local Befuddlement in Canyon Country, California


May 24 - 300 Dolphins Wash Up Dead Along Russia's Black Sea Coast


June 5 - Alarming reindeer die-off on St. Paul Island after difficult winter


July 14 - Death of Hundreds of Penguins Baffles Brazilian Scientists


August 10 - Shrimp Farms Experience Mysterious Mass Die-Offs in Vietnam


September 6 - Dead Fish and Birds Wash Up On Lake Erie Shores In Latest Mystery

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