Fall 2008 Magazine
Alcohol damages the brain. It increases the risk of hypertension, stroke and damage to the heart muscle. It depresses the respiratory functions, and weakens the body’s immune system, which is the body’s defence against cancers and infection.
Reformed Tyranny
In recent years, Christians have been unfairly targeted because of their convictions, all under the governmental banner of hate crime legislation. There have been some disturbing cases that tend to give us an idea of how those who stand for Jesus.
A Forgotten History: Back to the Mother Church
Prominent church fathers such as Augustine, Justin Martyr, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Eusebius were not necessarily correct in their theology and belonged to the Alexandrian arm of Christianity.
Constant Resistance: The Marie Durand Story
The story of Marie Durand and Huguenot families that chose to stay in France lived a life of secrecy, their homes equipped with hiding places for the family Bible and even family members, their children raised with danger.
The Way to the Holiest
The sinner can have reunion with God only as his sins are pardoned and finally blotted out. The mercy of God is infinite, but so is His justice. And justice cannot accept Christ’s sacrifice as atonement for our transgressions unless Jesus guarantees fir