Spring 2009 Magazine
Nothing But the Blood
We learn that, despite the seeming contradiction, blood brings peace to us and reconciles those who were once estranged to God.
The Day that Changed the World
Out of the sanctuary doctrine and the Great Disappointment, the great message of the Second Advent was formed, the Sabbath was discovered in all its beauty, the state of the dead was unraveled, and the Spirit of Prophecy was established.
Where is He Going?
Where exactly does President Obama stand concerning faith? What are the religious influences, if any, in the Oval Office?
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The Miracle Inside
Every millisecond, amazing miracles are taking place in your body. Each cell in your body is like a car motor: it burns fuel with oxygen, gets hot and needs cooling, gives off exhaust gas, and performs work.
Different Diets for Different Blood Types?
The book Eat Right For Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo is based on the premise that different blood types require different diets in order to be healthy.i The dietary recommendations vary from meat-based to plant-based.
Reformations of a Greens Hater
Drink your own green smoothie every morning. Packed with delicious greens, the drink will give you an extended burst of energy, lots of nutrition, and make you feel good inside.