Spring 2010 Magazine

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Amazing Discoveries and Conspiracy Theories
t is not our intention to bring a message of paranoia or fear. We only seek to expose the deceptions around us and to point to a brighter, higher Truth—Jesus Christ and His loveliness.
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Galatians 6:14 - Glory
The Bible is abundantly clear that self-centered, self-exulted boasting is very dangerous. Along with establishing our testimony and communicating our value, there is something else the cross offers us: Mental and Moral Protection.
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Christian Yoga
n a Christian breathe air that has been offered to idols? Can a Christian incorporate Hindu spiritual practices in order to get closer to the Jesus of the Bible?
The New Moon on the New Earth
According to Paul, the new moon, and the sabbaths shadowed things to come such as the sacrifice of Jesus, outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the beginning of the investigative judgment.
Putting RDAs into Perspective
Are RDA Nutrients correct? Are these levels appropriate, and will even higher levels of certain nutrients benefit us?
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Conspiracy Theories - A Response
Recently, Reinder Bruinsma published an article in the Adventist Review where he castigated an Adventist lecturer who had recently visited his native Holland with regard to his emphasis on “conspiracy theories.”
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Conspiracy Theory or Fulfillment of Prophecy?
Today there are many people in the world and in religious bodies who use the term “conspiracy theory.” In fact, the word conspiracy is rarely seen separated from the word theory.