Summer 2012 Magazine
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Insights from an Unwise Farmer
A story about an unwise farmer has lessons for us about where we're storing our wealth.
Young woman breathing fresh air
Breathing the Right Air
The information and research cited in this article is all taken from Rudy and Jeanie Davis’ lecture, "Just Because You're Alive Doesn't Mean You're Breathing . . . Properly!" unless otherwise noted. It has been condensed and edited by Amazing Discoveries.
hand holding a microphone
Let God Speak
David Lin's letters and articles appeared in various Adventist periodicals at a time when Desmond Ford's teachings were the center of attention in the Adventist Church.
Group of people in India listening to evangelism series
India Report
Read about Victor and Nettie Gill's missions trip to India.
Victor & Nettie Gill
Colorado Report
Read testimonies from Victor and Nettie Gill's Colorado series
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