Winter 2010 Magazine
Lunar Sabbaths: Fact or Fiction?
Many people know very little about lunar Sabbaths, but much is being said about the concept nowadays. What is the truth about lunar Sabbaths?
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Music, the Media, and Me
Any Christian who will not admit that we have been profoundly desensitized through harmful music and media is either blind or in a willful state of denial. What a price we are paying for allowing our youth and our- selves to enjoy sin without guilt.
The Curse of Doubt: Abridged
Untold millions have been poisoned by the curse of doubt. The consequences are seen in both the secular and religious world, where new theories and religions continue to spring forth at an ever-increasing rate. Thus, confusion and chaos result.
Pure Water
The alkaline water is refreshing, pure, clean, and loaded with antioxidants and bio-available minerals. Its micro clusters make it six times more hydrating than conventional water, and more easily absorbed by your cells.
Diet and Destiny? The Now-and-Forever Benefits of Health Reform
The health reformer Ellen White tells us that even our eternal destiny is influenced by what, how, and when we eat! Are we paying attention?