09.02.24 - Bishops Call for New Game Rules in Globalization

"On February 12, 2009, Zenit reported that the Bishops of Latin America issued a statement saying that the world economic crisis shows the need to create a 'new international structure,' saying say that the world economic crisis shows.
Taking up the observation made by Benedict XVI, the prelates affirmed that 'the current crisis is not the result of immediate financial difficulties,... but a consequence of the moral crisis that we live...' 'The Latin American prelates lamented that international economy has concentrated power and riches in just a few hands, excluding the underprivileged and increasing inequality.
They urged that world leaders seriously consider “the need to establish bases for a new international order, founded on new game rules, which also take into account the values of the Gospel and the social teaching of the Church, with the aim to promote a globalization marked by solidarity and rationality, that would make of this continent not only the continent of hope, but also the continent of love.'
Notice that the bishops are calling for a redistribution of wealth. Also note that the bishops are calling for more than a mere economic new world order, but the whole system. They are urging that the new world order take into account the social teaching of the Catholic Church as well as the values of the gospel. Could this new world order as defined by Rome involve Sunday laws requiring rest on the false Sabbath?"

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