09.03.05 - The First Ever Catholic-Emergent Conference
"On March 20-22, what is being called 'the first-ever Catholic-Emergent conference will take place. The name of the conference is The Emerging Church: Conversations, Convergence and Action. Spencer Burke, of the Ooze, calls it 'one of the magical moments in this movement of God.'"
"The Center for Action and Contemplation (web home of Catholic priest and contemplative Richard Rohr and host to the event) also identifies the non-Catholics as 'Protestants' and 'Evangelicals."
One of the speakers at this conference is Shane Claiborne. In his own website he portrays images of Yin-Yang (the top image, look at the sun).
Note by Iasmin B.

Read the entire article, "The First Ever Catholic-Emergent Conference" Erroneously Advertised

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