09.04.19 - Tony Blair Answers New Calling
"Former British PM's 'Faith Foundation' aims to bring together world's religions"
"'I'm really, and always have been in a way, more interested in religion than politics,' he says.
"Blair converted to Roman Catholicism six months after leaving office in 2007. But that was just the start of a formidable quest to bring together the world's major religions. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation was launched last spring.
""To understand the state of modern politics you have to understand the modern state of religion," Blair says in an exclusive email interview before a visit Friday to Toronto. The foundation's aim is to advance interfaith action and wrestle back influence from extremists – of all faiths, not just Islam."
"Blair, who's taken to reading the Old and New Testaments and the Qu'ran daily, says the foundation isn't a short-term interest: 'This is not for me a `this year and next year' project. This is a rest-of-my-life project. Over time, people will be able to see me in a different light.'"

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