09.02.12 - John Shelby Spong and Emergents

"The purpose of this article will be to demonstrate that Rob Bell, and other Emergent Church pastors, are not teaching anything new, but, rather, are merely recycling the heretical views of Liberal Theology."
John Shelby "Spong is a homosexual activist and was quoted at Foundry United Methodist Church, Washington, D.C. Symposium on Homosexuality as saying, “The disciple Judas and Jesus’ earthly father Joseph were fictional characters created by the church … The Ten Commandments are amoral because they ‘define women as property’. I would hate to blame God for the Bible but some of it is pretty awful."
"John Spong Shelby says, 'The view of the cross as the sacrifice for the sins of the world is a barbarian idea based on primitive concepts of God and must be dismissed.'"

This article exposes the "unfruitful works of darkness" (Ephesians 5:11) as they are being taught by many prominent preachers. In the end "Anyone who does not believe the Bible is NOT a Christian," and yet many of these preachers deny it in very philosophical and "nice" words.

Read the entire article, John Shelby Spong and Emergents - Recycled Heresy

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