Summer 2009 Magazine
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India Report – Victor Gill
Mark Kiefiuk and Victor Gill have returned from India, where God has been working in wonderful ways.
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Religious Doublespeak
Throughout history, language has always been a means of communication. God used language to communicate to us when He inspired the Holy Scriptures to be written.
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Ministry of Heresies
We must never lose sight of the eventual triumph of God’s purpose, the eventual carrying out of His plan. We must never forget those forces that seem to bring defeat are, nevertheless, being used by God.
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Genetically Modified Foods
Genetic modification may well be the greatest health and environmental threat humanity has ever faced.Our safest course is to read labels, eat simply, grow our own food, heed inspired health counsel, and insist on GMO labeling!
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In US News
There are four bills currently in the House and Senate that we should be watching closely, as they will affect us in a marked way. One has passed in both the House and Senate.
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The Weight is Over
Many weight-loss programs and health tips only lead to unbalanced lifestyles. Here is some practical advice to help you dispel the rumors and establish a lasting healthy lifestyle.
The book Hunger deals with a people who live in a culture of excess, yet remain hungry. Dybdahl rightfully desires to lead the reader on a journey that will satisfy the longing of the soul.