Stories of the Reformation
Summary: Dive into history to uncover the remarkable stories of faith and passion in early Protestantism.
An Italian mystic. A minister to a British king. An Augustine monk. A Swiss farmer's boy. What do these men have in common? They were used by God in powerful ways to bring about the Protestant Reformation. Enter into the lives of these ordinary people with extraordinary stories.
Inspiration for these articles comes from Gideon and Hilda Hagstoz' Heroes of the Reformation

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Philipp Melanchthon
After earning a Master's Degree by the age of 14, this brilliant scholar used his skills for God's Kingdom.
John Laski Public Domain
John Laski
John Laski was a kind and gentle church leader in Poland and Germany.
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Jerome of Prague
Jerome's fearless campaign for truth cost him his life, but he was an example of God's strength even in death.
John Wycliffe CC BY-SA 3.0 John M Kennedy
John Wycliffe
To this early reformer, the Bible was a way of life.
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Louis De Berquin
Berquin was France’s first Protestant martyr.
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Gaspard De Coligny
Heroic French army man Gaspard De Coligny sacrificed everything for his faith and his Huguenot friends.


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