Politics and the Papacy
Summary: The Roman Catholic Church is a deeply political organization—involved in national and international politics. If the Papacy is the power behind today's drive to a one-world government, what are the ideals it professes?

According to W. C. Brownlee, in 1550 Pope Julius III published a new coin with the motto, “The nation and kingdom that will not serve me shall perish!”i Has the universal political power of the Papacy changed since that time?
i. W. C. Brownlee, Popery. An Enemy to Civil and Religious Liberty; and Dangerous to Our Republic (New York: John S. Taylor, Publisher, 1836): 101-102.

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Economic Buzzwords
What is the Papacy really saying in its encyclicals?
Pope Francis And The Emerging One World Religion
Does Pope Francis want a one world religion? And what does he believe?
A depiction of Thomas Aquinas in a Belgian cathedral. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
What is fascism and how does it fit into Rome's political paradigm?
ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY...wore a ring given to one of the Archbishop's predecessors by POPE PAUL VI. It was, he told John Paul,
The Pope and the Archbishop
Thomas Becket's murder in 1170 sparked a chain of events that led to papal control of Britain.
King John of England signs the Magna Carta.Source: Cassell's History of England.
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Concessions that Changed the World
Royal decisions made 800 years ago still have a profound effect on today's political landscape.
King John's Concession
 Grand master & senior knights Hospitaller.
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The Pope's Knights
Catholic secret societies have been controlled by the Pope for centuries. But why do Protestants keep showing up on their rosters?
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Is the Pope a King?
The Papacy is considered the world's oldest royalty. How far does its kingdom reach?