Revelation Identifies End-Time Babylon
Author: Professor Walter J. Veith, PhD
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Summary: Revelation 17 describes Babylon using common symbolism found throughout the Bible. Who is this "woman arrayed in purple and scarlet" and what will she be like?
Introduction to Babylon
Revelation 17 describes Babylon using common symbolism found throughout the Bible. Who is this "woman arrayed in purple and scarlet" and what will she be like?
Daniel Prophesies of the Antichrist
God spoke several times in the book of Daniel about the identity of the Antichrist. Uncover God's words spoken in the dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar and the prophet Daniel.
A King's Dream Foretells the Future Daniel's Four Beasts
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The Mother
Revelation 17 describes Babylon as the "mother of harlots." What does that title mean symbolically and how is it played out in our world?
St. Peter's Square. Note the obelisk and eight-spoked sun wheel forming the shape of the square.Copyright Amazing Discoveries.
The Great City
In Revelation 17:18, John is told that the woman is the great city that rules over all nations. What does this statement mean?
Chalice of Eucharist
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The Chalice
What is the meaning of the silver cup that the woman of Revelation 17 holds?
Catholic Cardinals in purple and red.
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The Colours and the Riches
Where in our world can we see colors and riches like those mentioned in Revelation 17?
Pope Pius X in papal tiara.
The Papal Tiara
Although the tiara hasn’t played a prominent role in any papal coronation ceremony in recent years, it is still an important papal symbol, appearing on official documents, buildings and insignia.
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The Seven Hills
Are the mountains in Revelation 17:9 symbolic, or are there seven literal hills in Babylon?
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On Her Forehead is Written Mystery
The woman of Revelation 17 has the word "mystery" written on her forehead. Ironically, this description can help us solve the mystery of the woman's identity.
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