Emmer and Einkorn Wheat
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Summary: Learn about the nutritional value of einkorn and emmer wheats and where to find recipes to get you baking with them today.

In her article, Jean Handwerk mentions two ancient wheats – einkorn and emmer, which are considered the genetic ancestors of modern wheat.

Emmer was widely cultivated in Mesopotamia (contemporary Middle East)and later adopted by the Romans. Other forms of wheat eventually replaced emmer as they had higher yields and husks that could be removed without pounding or grinding. Emmer wheat is especially popular in Italy (called farro). It is used in a number of ways in Italian cooking, but is most popular boiled whole and served like a risotto. It is also used to make pastas.

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Emmer Recipes

  • A variety of cold and warm recipes here (Note: some of these include non-vegetarian dishes)
  • Homemade emmerwheat pasta here

Einkorn is even older than emmer, believed to be one of the earliest recorded grains in the Bible, known as shippon in Hebrew. It provides a rich source of beta-carotene(lutein), a powerful antioxidant.

Both emmer and einkorn are high in protein, fiber, and minerals. Since these wheats have a gluten structure different from modern wheat, it is a good alternative for people with gluten allergies. That being said, einkorn and emmer do contain gluten, and so those desiring to avoid gluten altogether are not recommended to consume these wheats. Consult with your doctor to see if einkorn or emmer wheat is safe for you.

Since gluten allergies are becoming so predominant in modern times, many people are now turning to einkorn and emmer—including chefs themselves—as healthy and delicious wheat choices.

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Einkorn Recipes: