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The Papacy and the World Council of Churches is pushing for unity of all religions. Is this possible if religions are so different? Surprisingly enough, paganism is not dead. It is alive and well in most religions of the world today and this unification of pagan rituals, customs and symbols is what will make the ecumenical union of churches under one global religion a possibility. The religion of Isis, Mithraism, and a pagan Maitreya have all become a part of Christianity. And Catholicism is spearheading this unity of religions under its spiritual leadership. The religion of Christ is to be replaced with the religion of Babylon. In the form of a revived Mithraism, the ancient Osiris cult will once again become the dominant religion of the world. In the following galleries, you will find a comparison of the ancient religion and its modern counterpart in pictorial form.

For a pictorial list of research references click here. If you're interested in Victor Gill's mission trips to India or Ukraine, click here.
Calling the Pope God
Catholic Sun Worship Symbols
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Evidence of a Flood
Fertility Cult
Mary, Queen of Heaven
Mother-Child Worship System
New Age Movement
Pagan Catholic Architecture
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Papal Apparel
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Secret Societies
Serpent and Dragon Symbols
Seven Churches
Sun Worship around the Globe
Symbols of the gods
The Jehovah's Witnesses
United Nations
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