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North and Central America
Satellite: Galaxy 19 (G-19)
Position: 97° West
Transponder: 6
Band: Ku
Frequency: 11,842 MHz
Symbol Rate: 22,000 Ksym/s
F.E.C.: ¾
Polarization: Horizontal
Australia and New Zealand
Satellite: Optus D2
Position: 152° East
Band: Ku
Frequency: 12,608 MHz
Symbol Rate: 22,500 Ksym/s
F.E.C.: ¾
Polarization: Horizontal
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Europe, Africa, Middle East
Satellite: Intelsat 20 (IS-20)
Position: 68.5° East
Band: 1.5 Mb
Frequency: 12,522 MHz
Vertical Symbol Rate: 27,500 Ksym/s
F.E.C.: ¾
Polarization: Vertical
Dish Size: Ku-band

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Other SDA channels on the satellite:
3ABN English
3ABN Proclaim
3ABN Latino
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The Hope Channel
LLBN English
LLBN Arabic
LLBN Latino.
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How do I get my own satellite dish to view the programming?

Go to: or phone GloryStar directly at: 1-866-597-0728 .
There is no monthly subscription cost, only the up-front cost of the dish.

How Do I Find a Dish Installer?

Go to GeoSatFinder and search by Country, State/Province and City.
You could also visit FTA Install

Get a Dish in Australia/New Zealand

How Do I Find a Dish Installer?

In the Melbourne area you can get tuning help from:
Owen Maunder – 0419 366 931,
Thomas McKeon – 0413 101 522.

In the Bundaberg district
James Tregenza – 0431 672 914

In Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory
Roglen Satellite Systems – 0897 512 278, 0418 904 010
can assist you. More Dish installers

If you wish to be added to this list, please contact us providing your name, phone number and area.

Get a Dish in Central Africa

How Do I Find a Dish Installer?

Contact Precious Present Truth:
Phone: +250 787-011-189
Email address:
to request assistance in the region of central Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda).

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