19 04, 2018

ADtv: Total Transformation – 1002 – Thou Art Mine

April 19th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Dive into a typological assessment of the ownership that God claims over us through Creation and redemption. Study the life of Abraham as a model for our relationship with God and draw nearer to God in your own walk as a result.

18 04, 2018

Article: Job and His Friends

April 18th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

There is no more fruitful field of study than that which is opened before us in the history of God's dealings with souls. It is full of interest, and abounds in instruction and profit. One grand object in those dealings is to produce real brokenness and humility — to strip us of all false righteousness, [...]

17 04, 2018

ADtv: Total Transformation – 1001 – Co-dependence

April 17th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

This lecture deals with the harmony and interdependence existing in the natural world. As the natural world is a lesson book on the character of God, the principles that we can learn there must also apply to us as individuals and to His Church.

16 04, 2018

Article: Once Again, Creation Movie Attracts Wide Interest

April 16th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Editor's Note: The Creation movie produced by Henry Stober, an Adventist film maker, has been touring Europe for the past 2 years. Using stunning photography, the creation story of Genesis is enacted and presented to a standing-room-only secular audience. For the first time in a long time, Europeans are showing interest in Biblical themes as the [...]

14 04, 2018

Testimony: Randy McWilliam

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Randy often takes walks with some friends he met at a gym. Through religious discussion, he learned about the surprising background of his companions. Hear about how two Catholics shared their knowledge about the Sabbath, the pope, and even passed on a video from Walter Veith to Randy. Through this exchange Randy has been convicted [...]

12 04, 2018

Article: 30 Bible Contradictions Cleared Up

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Thirty of the Bible's seeming contradictions are solved. Who Incites David to Conduct Census? Total Population of Israel? Fighting Men of Judah? Read here to find out all the answers.

11 04, 2018

World News: US Government Partners With McDonald’s In A Move Doctors Are Calling ‘Irresponsible’

April 11th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says the changes go against USDA dietary recommendations The US government has partnered with McDonald's to increase the fast food giant's dairy use in a move the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is calling 'irresponsible'. More dairy Scientists with Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) worked closely with McDonald's to formulate [...]

8 04, 2018

Video: Thank You by Victor Gill

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7 04, 2018

Article: What Will Keep You Out of Heaven?

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In our quasi-Christian North American culture, this expectation runs rampant. But what if we’re not all going to heaven or a better place? Jesus Himself said the road to heaven is narrow and few find it. Just recently I attended a funeral for a lady who was so turned off by religion and angry at [...]

5 04, 2018


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You have helped our ministry reach as many people as possible! Amazing Discoveries only exists because of people like you, people who pray, who read, who share, who translate, and who donate!    Thank you for all your support thus far, we truly wouldn't be here today if not for you. Please consider Amazing Discoveries [...]