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Hydrotherapy: Simple Treatments for Common Ailments (Book)

Why go to the Medicine Cabinet for every ailment? Hydrotherapy helps your body effectively overcome common diseases by using simple treatments that do not leave any chemicals behind. Steam baths, compresses, massage, hot & cold treatments, poultices, and fomentations are all part of the natural healing power of hydrotherapy. Order Now >>

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Brain Closed—Please Come Again

For a quarter of a century, researchers have been monitoring how our brains react to certain stimuli and how they process information. They have discovered that when the brain starts to get overloaded, it builds up a stubborn wall against sensational stimuli. Modern humanity's exposure to an ever-increasing amount of dramatic, violent, and sensational information, [...]

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Flame for the Lord (Book)

John Nevins Andrews was one of the brightest lights of the new and growing Seventh-day Adventist Church. Serving as a scholar, author, preacher, administrator and the denomination's first missionary, he devoted his life for his church and God with unremitting zeal, and burned himself out at the age of 54. This book tells the story [...]

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Lineage Journey – Season 1 (DVD set)

The Reformation changed the course of human history. Over 48 episodes Lineage Journey has explored the historical narratives of the individuals and movements that were a part of this groundbreaking movement. We now present to you all 48 episodes, plus never-before-seen footage and additional behind the scenes videos all packaged in a two disc DVD [...]

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