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Total Onslaught – Just another man – Walter Veith

In this video, Biblical evidence that Jesus is the Messiah is presented in multimedia format. The ancient prophecies are unravelled, particularly the prophecy in Daniel 9 on the seventy weeks which pinpoints the exact time of the Messiah's arrival on Earth. The study of this prophecy has even been cursed by some theologians who do [...]

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Into the Blizzard (Book)

When Jack Zachary of Manitoba, Canada, accepted Christ as his Master, he began to spread his new faith. He lived a life of unbelievable hardship and peril in order to tell others—especially his own Ukrainian people—about the Saviour he had found. No ice, no snow, no wintry gale, no danger, no persecution, no brush with [...]

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The “R” Word

You reading this article: repent! What was your gut feeling when you read the sentence above? Were you convicted? Did you have a feeling of disgust? Or felt nothing? A couple of years ago, I received an e-mail from a sister. By now I have completely forgotten everything in the e-mail except for the last line [...]

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Treasure from the Haunted Pagoda (Book)

Years and years ago a little five-year-old boy knelt at his mother's knee and repeated this little prayer, phrase by phrase, after her: "And, dear Lord, when I grow up, may I be a missionary—at the four corners of the earth—preaching the gospel—for Jesus' sake. Amen." This story, Treasure From the Haunted Pagoda, tells the marvelous way [...]

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Enmity – Battle Lines: Prologue by Walter Veith

The first episode is finally complete and ready on DVD: https://store-us.amazingdiscoveries.org/ Throughout the production, the concepts surrounding this issue of enmity were revealed to us in multiple ways. The war between Christ and Satan is an all-out war that wages every single day. We are so used to living in the world that we hardly [...]

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Wishing our friends and supporters a Christ-filled Christmas

We are often asked why we are closed on Christmas, why we have Christmas specials on our store, and why we recognize the Christmas holiday at all. You can find our answer here: Q: Why does Amazing Discoveries recognize Christmas by wishing a happy holiday to our friends and donors and closing our office on Christmas [...]

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Are All Muslims Dangerous?

One question I am often confronted with whenever on the road is, “are all Muslims dangerous?”These days it seems everyone is confronted with that question. After all, in North America alone there are an estimated 12 million Muslims. People everywhere are filled with horror as they watch the news coverage of fanatical Muslims blowing themselves up [...]

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