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Romans 13:8

March 10th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

ADtv: Corinthians Text on Women in the Church

"Please explain 1 Corinthians chapter 14 verses 34 to 35. I also would like an explanation on 1 Corinthians for Chapter 11, verses 5 to 15 for the covering of the head of the woman." 

March 9th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Isaiah 26:3

March 7th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

ADtv: Do we have to observe the Sabbath?

Do We Have to Observe the Sabbath? Victor Gill explores the true meaning behind Col. 2:16. Remember the different types of law in the Bible: ceremonial laws and the 10 Commandments. How does the Sabbath law fit in?

March 6th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Article: Understanding the First Angel’s Message

Although Creation took place at the opposite end of history, it is still a point of debate today. "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people. Saying with a [...]

March 6th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Time Periods: The Dispensations

Dispensationalism hinges on the view that there are different dispensations—different times and ways that God works in different groups of people. The seven dispensations are usually described as follows: 1.    The Age of Innocence (Genesis 1 to 3:7) that leads up to Adam’s fall into sin. 2.    The Age of Conscience (Genesis 3:8 to 8:22) [...]

March 4th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Ephesians 4:15

March 3rd, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Audio Library

Did you know you can access hundreds of our presentations in MP3 format? You can listen to our lectures while online or you can even download all these presentations to listen on the go! Put it on a CD or onto your phone to play in your car or wherever you go!

March 2nd, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Article: A Break in God’s Plan

Dispensationalists see the "Church Age" as a parenthesis in God’s plan, during which many Gentiles will be saved. Then, the Kingdom will be established when geographic Israel receives its promised glory. According to this view, the time between Pentecost and the rapture is a temporary hiccup in God’s plan for Israel. The Old Testament and [...]

March 1st, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Article: Hepatitis B Vaccines

Hepatitis B vaccination has been recommended by federal health officials since 1991 for all infants and children. There are now hepatitis B vaccine mandates for children to attend daycare or school in 47 states, despite strong evidence that the health risks of doing this outweighs the benefit for your child. Three hepatitis B shots are [...]

February 28th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments