he Garden of Eden was a school as well as a garden home. It was the demonstration school for a system of education God designed so well, it would never become outdated. Succeeding generations would pattern homes and schools after that model, while they increased and settled the earth.

The system of education instituted at the beginning of the world was to be a model for man throughout all after time. As an illustration of its principles a model school was established in Eden, the home of our first parents.1

We are blessed with an intriguing description of the model school: “The Garden of Eden was the schoolroom, nature was the lesson book, the Creator Himself was the instructor, and the parents of the human family were the students.”2 “Often they were visited by His messengers, the holy angels, and from them received counsel and instruction.” 3

Prominent elements were:

• The garden schoolroom

• Nature the lesson book

• God the teacher, holy angel assistants

• Adam and Eve the students

The Eden School was perfect, and it remained in operation until a rival teacher lured the students into a counterfeit system that mixed good and evil. Man lost his home in paradise, but God did not abandon His plan to educate His children. The model system survived the fall. “Under changed conditions, true education is still conformed to the Creator’s plan, the plan of the Eden school.” 4

Since sin cast its shadow over the earth, “even the child, as he comes in contact with nature, will see cause for perplexity. He cannot but recognize the working of antagonistic forces. It is here that nature needs an interpreter.” 5