“You can’t get enough protein on a vegan diet.” “Soy is bad for you.” “The Spirit of Prophecy never forbade dairy or eggs!”  Have you heard any of these statements before?

What is the truth?

Find out in our very first FREE online health summit – Food for Thought! The Summit will run from February 14-16. Just 3 days of enlightening presentations by Walter J. Veith on questions about health and more.

Join us for a 3-day look at the issues of healthy-living God’s way!

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What’s included? Each day of the summit features:

  • A presentation by Professor Walter J. Veith, winner of the Royal Society London Grant for studies in medical bioscience. Hear the information he shared about soy at the World Health Organization
  • Bread-making videos by Walter and Sonica Veith – learn how to make your own delicious, healthful bread
  • A deep-breathing tutorial – deep breathing and fresh air is important for good health. Find out exactly how to fill your lungs and blood with life-giving oxygen to decrease stress, detoxify, and stimulate your lymphatic system
  • Special feature presentations by other health experts: Diane Burnett, Barbara O’Neill, and Walt Cross

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You’ll discover insights on:

  • Plant protein vs. animal protein
  • Chocolate
  • Free radicals and antioxidants
  • How health affects your spirituality
  • How to bake healthy bread
  • How to have a healthy brain
  • Effects of fasting
  • Weight loss principles and more!

We are so excited to bring this never-before-seen series to our friends!

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