How can a Muslim become a Christian? No matter who the person is, or what a person’s background is, God can reach anyone. God is love, and love has no language but is a universally understood power. Everyone can understand love. Shahbaz shares his experience with another believer from a Muslim country. Hear how God showed love by taking care of this brother in a difficult time.


Shahbaz continues sharing interesting encounters he has had with other Muslims that have converted to Christianity. What was one  doctrinal issue that was the most difficult to grasp? Hear how the Sabbath issue is one of the most trying and testing commandments of God.


How did a refugee affect Shahbaz? Refugees flee from their homes, leaving behind their safety, comfort, and even their families. How did this brother in Christ end up in the church Shahbaz was preaching in? Hear about how Christians are serving the Lord despite overwhelming odds.


We can find opportunities to evangelize and share about Christ in the most unique situations. Even when people are resistant to the message, God is all-powerful and able to open up the hardest of hearts. Hear about how an entire devout Muslim family was touched by God and changed by the Spirit.


Even Muslims can be searching for real truth. Hear how Shahbaz met two Muslim women who had numerous questions about the Bible and converted after intensive Bible study. It wasn’t easy, and sometimes evangelism is full of challenges, but we need to do the work God has called us to. We need to spread the message as best we can, and leave God to do the closing work.