What are the big five? If you travel to Africa, there are five animals that everyone wants to see. These are the animals people get excited for, and they are the most dangerous. Africa is known for the Big Five: the elephant, leopard, rhinoceros, the cape buffalo, and the lion.

What are the different characteristics of these animals? Despite the fact that they are all mammals and all native to Africa, they could not be more different from one another. How would you react to encountering these majestic yet dangerous animals? In this presentation with Walter Veith, we will start with a discussion regarding the contrasts and comparisons of these big five creatures and analyze the character behind their faces. What can be determined from the face of an animal? Revealed through stunning photography, we will gaze upon the faces of various African animals and we will truly see a marked difference in the expression, emotion, and soul of each of the creatures on screen.

As we continue, we will move from a physical big five to the spiritual big five. What are the real big five? There are five big questions that everyone on earth has considered at least once. Where do I come from? Why am I here? Why are we in such a mess? Is there a solution? Where am I going?

These questions determine our entire identity. So how do famous scientists and other authority figures of our world today approach these difficult questions? We will dive into different worldviews and see what God’s intention for the answers to these questions is.

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