Last week it was reported that Russian legislators proposed a law that would no longer allow individuals to evangelize in Russia. Imagine that; no where in Russia, would individuals be allowed to share their faith whether through email, social media, invitation to church or Bible studies even in the privacy of one’s own residence, or even through literature distribution. There was some discussion surrounding whether or not Russian President, Vladimir Putin would approve the legislation. Not surprising to those well-acquainted with Putin and his policies, Putin signed off on the new restrictions listed under anti-terrorism laws making it official—no evangelism outside of the church in Russia.

“This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a package of anti-terrorism laws that usher in tighter restrictions on missionary activity and evangelism. Despite prayers and protests from religious leaders and human rights advocates, the Kremlin announced Putin’s approval yesterday. The amendments, including laws against sharing faith in homes, online, or anywhere but recognized church buildings, go into effect July 20…Earlier reporting (June 29): Christians in Russia won’t be allowed to email their friends an invitation to church or to evangelize in their own homes if Russia’s newest set of surveillance and anti-terrorism laws are enacted. The proposed laws, considered the country’s most restrictive measures in post-Soviet history, place broad limitations on missionary work, including preaching, teaching, and engaging in any activity designed to recruit people into a religious group. To share their faith, citizens must secure a government permit through a registered religious organization, and they cannot evangelize anywhere besides churches and other religious sites. The restrictions even apply to activity in private residences and online.”1

What an outrage! Matthew 24:14 indicates that the “gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come.” Satan is trying with all his cunning, vehement passion to prevent this from occurring so that individuals will remain captive to his errors and deceptions. He well knows that once the principles of the everlasting gospel of Revelation 14:6-12 are proclaimed, attended by heavenly agencies, souls will leave his ranks and become valiant workers on the side of truth and righteousness, cooperating with God and his faithful servants to rescue souls from his grasp; this he fears. With legislation being both proposed and passed, not only in Russia but all around the world that are limiting freedom of speech and the press, as well as the measures being enacted to fight “terrorism,” a term often used interchangeably with “extremism” and “fundamentalism,” it is evident that Satan is trying to block the channels for evangelism from everyone, specifically to shut down those who are presenting the messages of Revelation 14:6-12 which expose his tactics through his chief agency of evil, the Papacy, who earlier this year healed a 1000 year old wound with the Orthodox Church in Russia, the majority religion in Russia.

Roman Catholicism is on a fast tract to reemergence and is attempting to prohibit evangelism, especially that conducted by Protestants, those who expose the Man of sin and the system of apostasy that he represents, while at the same time he is conducting an aggressive evangelistic campaign in this “extraordinary year of jubilee.” Sadly, many professed Protestants of various denominations have embraced and espoused his message and view Pope Francis as an icon of progressivism, tolerance, peace and compassion and lend their pulpits, platforms and gatherings to preach his message and verbalize their support of him and the causes that he champions, even allowing him in as a speaker.

“Together 2016” in Washington D.C. July 16, 2016 is an example. This is an ecumenical gathering of evangelicals calling for unity to affect change in the world. Pope Francis is scheduled to deliver an address to the projected millions who will attend. There is soon to be great and decisive changes made in America and elsewhere which means the utter repudiation of civil and religious freedom and a one-world system headed by the Roman Catholicism. What are we doing now brethren to get the final message out to a dying world? No, Satan cannot prevent the Lord’s work from going forth with power; but if he can discourage, delay and deter the messengers he just may be able to hold onto souls who would have been won, but for the desisted efforts.

“Soon the way will be hedged up and these cities will be closed to the gospel message. Wake up the church members, that they may unite in doing a definite and self-denying work…The world is preparing for the closing work of the third angel’s message. The truth is now to go forth with a power that it has not known for years. The message of present truth is to be proclaimed everywhere.”2

When will the people to whom God has entrusted the special message for this time arouse and go forth using the means now available to undertake the work of evangelism in the love and truth of Christ? Now is the time; opportunities are fast closing, nevertheless when human means fail, Divine agencies will take over so that sincere souls can be set free.

2. White, Ellen. The Upward Look (1982), page 247


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