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AD@Work Blog - Page 3 of 80 - Exposing Deceptions, Restoring the Truth
2 05, 2018

ADtv: Watch & Pray

2018-05-01T19:39:24+00:00 May 2nd, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

How do we prepare for Christ's soon return? Pastor Dan Gabbert has some serious recommendations that will make or break our ability to respond in a crisis at the end of earth's history. Christians should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise, and this preparation they should [...]

1 05, 2018

Article: Jesus the Mercy Seat

2018-04-28T03:07:51+00:00 May 1st, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Propitiation? Reprobate? Justification? These and other words in the Bible can be confusing, but they lead us to the beautiful truth of Jesus' saving work.   The word “propitiation” is not a word we use in everyday language. It’s a special word that Paul uses in reference to the sanctuary service: But now the righteousness [...]

30 04, 2018

Article: Garden Vegetable Planting Amounts Per Person

2018-04-28T03:07:51+00:00 April 30th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

These planting amounts are only a starting point; experimentation will help establish suitable amounts for an individual household. If you plan to preserve some of the harvest for winter eating, you may wish to double the amounts. If you're just beginning as a gardener, try half the amounts listed here the first time. Remember to [...]

28 04, 2018

Article: Ye Shall Afflict Your Souls

2018-04-09T17:58:33+00:00 April 28th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

On October 22nd, 1844, our Lord Jesus Christ entered into the most holy place in heaven to cleanse the sanctuary (Dan 8:14). This year marked the 140th anniversary of that event. In the past 140 years, millions of people were destroyed by natural disasters, wars, and diseases; millions of women and children were molested and [...]

26 04, 2018

Article: Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid

2018-04-09T17:56:34+00:00 April 26th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

Because Americans spend about 90 percent of their food budget on processed foods, they are exposed to a plethora of artificial food additives, many of which can cause dire consequences to your health. Some food additives are worse than others. Here’s a list of the top food additives to avoid: 1. High fructose corn syrup [...]

24 04, 2018

Article: What Water Should I Drink?

2018-04-09T17:52:01+00:00 April 24th, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

There are many types of water available today. Some are better for your health than others. here is much controversy about what water to drink for the best health. Alkaline water and distilled water are two common types. While Amazing Health believes that alkaline, ionized water has the most health benefits for the most people, [...]

23 04, 2018

Article: C. S. Lewis: A Bridge to Rome

2018-04-28T03:07:51+00:00 April 23rd, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

It is largely due to Lewis, an Anglican, that I converted to the Catholic Church…i -Mark Brumley, President of RC Ignatius Press. Lewis has been credited (or blamed) in recent years with setting numerous people on the road to Rome. Such Catholic converts have included many of the serious scholars and disciples of Lewis, some of [...]

21 04, 2018

ADtv: Total Transformation – 1003 – 1844 in Type and Antitype

2018-04-28T03:07:51+00:00 April 21st, 2018|AD Blog|0 Comments

This typological study compares the experience of the ancient Israel of God with that of the Advent movement which calls a people out of the world into His great light. This eye-opening DVD will challenge your view of the last-day Church and invite you to a higher purpose in life and ministry.