shahbazFor the last 6 months I (Shahbaz)  have been working for AD Germany/Europe with Moslem immigrants. I would like to share a little bit about what we have done so far, by God’s special enabling grace.

My primary duty at AD Germany has been to develop a brand new web television in Farsi, designed to reach Iranian populations around the globe. I have done this by producing short messages introducing people to our unique message. At the moment I am in the middle of converting my powerpoint presentations with voice over in Farsi to a video format explaining in depth different Bible topics, prophecies etc. These presentations will be on the website and can also be placed on USB thumb drives or DVD’s and handed to people for their own to watch and learn our messages. Today there are over 130 million Farsi speaking people around world, in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain and parts of Iraq. There are as well another 6 million other Farsi speaking people who live outside the mentioned geographical area of middle east.  Currently I am working on a Farsi website for the Farsi-speaking people to access. Watch for a post coming soon with the url details.

The second phase of my work has been to organize an outreach effort to help reach refugees who have poured into Germany, and Austria in the last 12 months, which I will share a little bit about below.

I have also worked as one of the speakers for AD, as I have been regularly invited at different venues for speaking engagements. In the last 5 months by God’s enabling grace I have helped establish a viable work amongst refugees in Munich, Kaisersbach, and Murrhardt area, and helped strengthen the brand new fledgling work amongst immigrants in Linz Austria.

Work Amongst Immigrants:


About 5 months ago I was invited by another supporting ministry called MIO to help and train their missionaries who work in the Munich area. I conducted a week long training session including actual hands-on street evangelism training. God blessed our efforts and today as a result MIO has a regular outreach ministry with the refugees who have come to their area. For over 3 months I have been working with 14 Iranian refugees at a nearby camp. By providence I met them after my wife and I had been praying for some time for such a meeting. Many of them have already expressed desire to be baptized. The Murrhardt church is following up with their request and we hope to have the first few baptized in the next couple of months. I have also supported the new church plant in Linz, Austria where there has been a great need to have a Farsi speaking evangelist on the ground. Although I could not be there on a permanent basis I was asked to travel there and help strengthen the work. God in a special way blessed our efforts and many have now made their decision to continue their studies and eventually be baptized. God be praised for what He has done in-spite of the weakness of His unworthy servant.