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Report from Europe Trip - AD@Work Blog

Report from Europe Trip

//Report from Europe Trip

Report from Europe Trip


It was with eager anticipation that on October 30, 2016, Judy and I winterized our home and drove to our local airport to catch a small plane to Vancouver, BC. The following morning, we boarded a plane for Toronto, and nearly seventeen hours later arrived in Brno, Czech Republic by way of Munich, Germany. Martin Dejmek of Amazing Discoveries Czech Republic met us at Brno and drove us to what was to be our home for the next three weeks. We were welcomed with open arms by our kind host family and treated like royalty for the duration of our stay. Our luggage was delivered the following day.


The series of meetings, entitled The Future of Europe, was designed to encourage the secular person to study the Bible. It covered the prophecies of Daniel 2 and 7 and Revelation 12-14. The background for these prophecies was the history of the Czech people from the time of Wycliffe and Jan Hus to the present day. The Bystřice church was warm and friendly, supporting the meetings very well and supplying outstanding vocal and instrumental music. The church was full nearly every time we met. Members said that there were many visitors from the surrounding community attending, and a whole church that was watching online. Each person was encouraged to make decisions for God and to commit to studying the Bible. As I was standing in the foyer one evening, greeting the people as they went out, I saw several visitors go over to the free literature table and take beautiful hardback editions of The Great Controversy, Desire of Ages and Steps To Christ.


Each meeting was streamed live and then archived. There were some technical difficulties the first two evenings. The first night, YouTube archived the meeting in some kind of compressed form, so that the video was only about 15 minutes long. We were thankful that the hard drives had made a backup copy and the team was able from that to put the complete video on YouTube. The following evening, the local hard drives failed, but YouTube worked correctly and successfully stored an HD version of the stream. The YouTube videos have been viewed many times, the earliest one over 2,500 times in a month, and the last one over 800 times in a couple of weeks. The AD team from Brno did a great job of making sure the streaming and archiving went well.


The meetings were watched online in various countries including the US, Poland, Slovakia, and Germany. One of the members attending the meetings has a daughter living and working in Saudi Arabia who watched the lectures from there. The daughter reported that Saudi Arabian nationals were then asking her to tell them about the end of the world. It’s amazing that God can reach people in Saudi Arabia through meetings in the Czech Republic!


The church’s pastor and the church family were very cooperative and appreciative of the meetings. We held meetings on three Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, a sermon on each of the three Sabbath mornings, and a Prayer Meeting during our final week. The church also sponsors a Health Club as a way to reach out to the community. They use a room in the City Hall to conduct their meetings, and they invite the public to attend talks on various health topics. The room was full on the evening of Judy’s meeting, with several people from the community in addition to church members. She discussed natural remedies, including fasting. We later found out that one gentleman attending our meetings had begun to come down with a cold. After the health talk, he stopped eating for a day or two, and he never got the cold. He was happy for such a simple remedy which cost nothing! We made many Czech friends and, thanks to them, we were able to see a few of the historically significant places in the area. Once our time there was up, we travelled with Martin and Jarek to Nuremberg where we stayed with Stan and Petra Sedlbauer of AD Germany.


There we were also treated royally for almost a week, went for walks together, and were taken to see some of the sights. We recorded three sermons and one interview in the AD studio, and held night meetings at the Nuremberg church on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Sabbath morning sermon. As in Bystřice, both the church and the pastor were wonderfully supportive. The meetings were streamed and archived on YouTube. We were told there were about twenty visitors on the final evening, at the conclusion of which we gave an altar call. Thirty or more people responded to that call, many with weeping. It was wonderful to see the Spirit of God working in the hearts of so many. We wish to thank AD for sponsoring these series in Czech Republic and Germany. We were very blessed to be able to take part in those meetings.

Kim Kjaer

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  1. BevHA December 22, 2016 at 4:26 am - Reply

    Thanks so very much for sharing this information, which strengthens my faith and trust in our Heavenly Father, when I see how he cares for His children around the world.

    God bless

  2. *(Aristarch Dennis - Uganda, East Africa) February 2, 2017 at 1:40 pm - Reply

    Praise be to God.

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