In the Stream of TimeWalter Veith’s latest series In the Stream of Time is now available on DVD. This is a short evangelistic-style series consisting of parts of other series combined into a new order. It consists of the following lectures:

  • Creation Restored (same as “Creation to Restoration” from Genesis Conflict)
  • Prophecy, Protestants and the Papacy (same as “Twin Pillars of the Reformation” from Rekindling the Reformation)
  • Twisting the Ten Commandments (same lecture as “They Have Made Void Thy Law Parts 1 & 2” condensed from Rekindling the Reformation)
  • Two Allies – the Beast and Its Image (same lecture as “Two Beasts Become Friends” from Total Onslaught)
  • Charismatic Renewal
  • The Coming Kingdom
  • History’s Endgame ( same as “History’s Coming Climax” from Total Onslaught)
  • The Final Elijah  (same lecture as “Elias” from Repairing the Breach)

This condensed series can be used for evangelistic purposes when a shorter series is required. Take advantage of this opportunity and get the series on DVD today.