For many years, Walter has worked as a pastor for the Cape and Transvaal Conferences in South Africa, travelling to many destinations around the world in his spare time to speak to churches and do evangelistic series. Since his retirement, Walter has joined his efforts more fully with Amazing Discoveries as President in both Canada and the US. We are excited to have his strength and leadership with the organization as we enter the new year 2017 and beyond and face portentous history-making and prophecy-fulfilling events.

With the coming new year, we at Amazing Discoveries are looking forward to enhancing and improving our evangelistic projects with more outreach goals and targets. In 2017, Walter will record a series on location in Europe on the subject of the reformation to be aired not only on but also on secular TV stations. The series will take an in-depth look at the issues that started the reformation and how they are still valid today. Walter will continue this reformation theme with several presentations in March and October 2017 to be held in Germany and Montenegro on the subject. In addition, he will be recording a new Genesis Conflict series for secular television, allowing us to have more material available for channels such as Joy TV, Zoomer TV, and if funds allow and God opens doors, Global TV.  The costs for airtime on secular TV stations is enormous and support from our friends and supporters will be vital. In addition, our work will involve new style of presentations, including documentaries and programming featuring new speakers in new formats and settings to attract newer audiences.

The production department at AD is gearing up for these new presentations and new speakers with an overhaul of our studio this winter, and the purchase of cameras to replace our aging ones. The costs associated with the overhaul will be $300,000 USD. These are just some of AD’s plans with more to be announced soon. Stay tuned to to watch the changes over the next year! Our Satellite channel is viewable also in Australia and South Africa, and we have received numerous reports of souls won for Christ as a result of the presentations on ADtv, especially in South Africa and surrounding countries. Please remember AD in your year-end giving for these important projects and the on-going satellite expense.


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