Walter Veith will be presenting new lectures on September 12, 13, 2016 at Amazing Discoveries.
This Livestream link is only accessible when the presentations are scheduled to start.

Sept 12 –
6:30pm – The Path of Obedience – Part 3 of the Issues on Health series.

Sept 13 –
4:30pm – How do we deal with the issues facing Adventism today. In The Commandments and the Faith of Jesus – Walter will cover some of these issues and help you steer clear of the winds of doctrine that are now shaking the church.

6:30pmThe Big Five – enjoy an expansion of his Science of Salvation sermon – this presentation will delve into how we were created, and our purpose on this earth. Be amazed at how wonderfully we are made, and the ultimate glorious purpose God had for our creation – even before this world was ever made. Find out what God’s special plan is for YOUR life – a plan so fulfilling and satisfying, you will want to give your allegiance to Him in a new and deeper way.

Come listen to Walter’s latest sermon All Together Now – One Two Three – as he explores current events and what they mean for us today.

Sept 14 – possible lectures TBD

All lectures will be recorded and also streamed live. Stay tuned for further details.