Walter Veith will be presenting health presentations in person at Amazing Discoveries between Aug 29 to Aug 31.

These presentations will cover the “hot potatoes” in health – questions that you are often unclear for people. Get definitive answers in these upcoming lectures.


Starting Monday, Aug 29 at 7 pm PST and continuing until Thursday September 1, come listen to Walter as he presents new presentations never before recorded. Note there will be NO presentation on Tuesday, August 30. Stayed tuned to this blog as these dates are subject to change.

Issues in Health  will answer questions such as:

–Is Soy Bad For You?

–The Coffee & Chocolate Enigma – are they really bad? and how bad?

–Ellen White and the Health Question – what did Ellen White really say about dairy and egg eating?

–What does it mean when Health is the right arm of the gospel? Is healthy living salvational?

–Protein – for once and for all – how much protein do we need and how important is it that we get it?

These questions have been troubling many people searching for health and the information is conflicting. Walter Veith will finally set the record straight on these questions and more.

The event will be livestreamed and may be viewed on our youtube channel.

Further details will be forthcoming. Stay tuned to this blog for further information or visit