Breaking New Ground

She'd lost one. Big deal. She still had nine. It was only one coin out of ten, but it meant a lot to her. So she put on all the lights and cleaned the house from top to bottom. If only she could remember where she'd put it. Where had she last seen it? She searched everywhere. Every nook and cranny. Nothing was left unturned. And then, when she had almost given up hope, she found it! Relief! Joy! Excitement! She was so thrilled about refining her lost treasure that she called all her friends and neighbors over to help her celebrate. what a party!

Luke 15:9 recounts this story and tells of the great celebration in heaven when one sinner, one precious soul, returns to God. We are precious in His sight.

His love and His words of truth are precious in our sight. Good health, peace of mind...these are some of the priceless treasures that can be found in God. Author and Lecturer, Dr. Walter Veith, is committed to uncovering the rare truths that can be found in nature and in the Bible. He broke new ground in the study of geology, archaeology, and evolution to bring forward some amazing discoveries about creation and the Creator.

And now...we are breaking new ground We're bringing you the first edition of the official Amazing Discoveries Newsletter. Like the woman in Luke 15, we want to celebrate our finds with our friends and neighbors! To that end, this newsletter will be a forum for new and exciting discoveries. Published quarterly, it will keep you up to date on future lectures, health discoveries, and evangelism resources. You'll hear inspirational stories of how people have found real treasure, and you'll find out how you, too, can be involved in the exciting work of evangelism.

It was only one coin. And she already knew about it. Imagine the excitement of uncovering new treasure. Amazing possibilities wait for us as with God's direction we break new ground.