UN: Government Must Control Private Schools Because of “Human Rights”
The United Nations wants its member states, mostly dictatorships and repressive regimes, to clamp down hard on educational freedom under the guise of “human rights.”
Disaster or Opportunity?
The news lately has been saturated with stories of migrants from Moslem countries flooding Europe and North America as they re-locate from their homes and countries where ISIS reigns. Many nations are complaining about this immigration into their countries. But what should Christians think about it? Could it be an opportunity rather than a disaster?
Revelation's Final Woe and the Islamic State
In the last few years there has been a lot of discussion about Daniel 11 and how prophecy is going to reveal the coming events of this world. Many different views and a couple of books later we are beginning to see prophecy revealing itself through world events. War, disease, and natural disasters are at this very moment creating destruction and taking the lives of people in many places. Perhaps the biggest fulfillments are the emergence of diseases like Ebola, and the new threat of the Islamic State.
Is Allah God?
The God of Christianity and the Allah of Islam share some titles and characteristics in common, and many people believe that God and Allah are one and the same. Reasoning that God and Allah are the same, some have suggested that Christians should call Jehovah God by the name “Allah” to ease Christian/Muslim tensions. But are they one person? Is the God of the Bible the Allah of the Qu'ran?
Frightening Facts About Milk
A large observational cohort study in Sweden found that women consuming more than 3 glasses of milk a day had almost twice the mortality over 20 years compared to those women consuming less than one glass a day.
The Wedding of Laodicea and Cultural Adventism
In the timeless struggle between the church and the world, a growing crisis in the last days promises to leave many church members unprepared for the soon coming of Jesus. While the final Laodicean church suffers a barrage of divisive attacks from the outside world, a more sinister division has reared within the church, between those who have genuine Biblical faith and those who mimic this lifestyle through their reliance upon the mere religious culture of Adventism.
God's Ideal for His Children
In 1844 when God’s people were waiting anxiously for the second coming of Christ there came a great disappointment...
My Testimony Part 1
Part 1 of 2: Michael Rathje's Testimony
Carob: Chocolate's Safe Alternative
It’s a rare person who hasn’t tasted and enjoyed chocolate. Not so common is a person who’s been exposed to carob, the best-known chocolate substitute. After all, why would we want an alternative to something that tastes so good?