Healthy Revelations

Pat and Rob Coleman celebrated their 20th anniversary this year. While they are to be heartily congratulated, the year 1996 is cause for even greater celebration in the Coleman household because it's the year that Pat, Rob and their daughter Kimberly were baptized into the Lord!

Rob is a realtor and his wife, Pat, is a Day Care operator and homemaker. They have three grown children, aged 18, 22 and 25. It's been a long road for Rob, but he stands as an example that it's never too late to say 'yes' to the Holy Spirit.

Rob grew up in the isolated Peace River area of Northern Alberta. His mother believed in the Bible, and because there was no local church available, she made sure that her son Rob studied his Bible... and the Voice of Prophecy Correspondence Lessons that she arranged for him! When he was old enough, Rob's mother sent him to Canadian Union College for grades 11 and 12. Although he had grown up with Adventist values, Rob took exception to many of the rules and regulations of dorm life and managed to get himself kicked out of school twice in one year. He left never expecting to look back.

Some rough times followed. Like the proverbial pendulum swing, Rob swung away from Adventist values with a vengance, going in his words 'a long way the other way'. He ended up on the west coast where he met his wife, Pat. Pat came from a background of no religion, but when the children arrived, they started shopping around for a church. They tried many Sunday-keeping churches, but ended up at the Adventist church in Langley.

Church attendance was sporadic at the best because while Rob was familiar with the Adventist culture, Pat didn't feel at home in the church. Then one day they dropped in at the Surrey church for a visit. They heard about Pastor John Redlich (formerly at the Penticton church) and the Revelation seminar that he was conducting. As they attended Pastor Redlich's meetings, Bible study became a whole new experience. It wasn't something theoretical or philosophical. As a new Christian himself, Pastor Redlich was so down to earth and so real. He made Christianity real for the Colemans.

Following the Revelation seminar, Surrey's Pastor Kack told the Colemans about Walter Veith series in January. Those meetings made all the difference for Pat. Revelation was interesting, but a little hard to grasp. Health and diet-now that she understood and was very interested in. She listened closely to all Dr. Veith had to say and was amazed at the truth and logic of it all. If this church had such a clear vision of truth regarding heath concerns, then surely its Biblical truths had some merit too and deserved a closer look.

And that's what they did. They took a closer look and discovered the beautiful truths of Jesus. Then, as Rob says, he got redipped and Pat and their daughter, Kimberly, got dipped. Although Walter Veith and John Redlich seemed to come from completely opposite ends and have totally different approaches. together the messages clicked. they just made good sense.