Religious Trends
Summary: What are the trends in the religious world today? Sun Worship, The UN and the One World Religion, Eastern Mysticism and Spiritism... Just what do all these things mean in light of Bible prophecy?
Sun Worship
Sun worship, an ancient practice across the globe, has been maintained in the traditions of Roman Catholicism.
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Babylonian Religion
Salvation can only be found through faith in Christ. This belief is foundational to true Christianity. Religious practices and sacraments cannot contribute to salvation.
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Paganism and Mary
Catholicism has declared Mary the sinless queen of heaven. This is not Biblical doctrine, but instead reflects pagan goddess worship.
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Clergy at Holy Cross Monastery in New York invoke the Holy Spirit.
Source: Randy OHC on Flickr.
The Charismatic Movement
Learn about the history of the charismatic movement in the Catholic Church.
Francis and Italisn President Giorgio Napolitano
Politics and the Papacy
The Roman Catholic Church is a deeply political organization—involved in national and international politics. If the Papacy is the power behind today's drive to a one-world government, what are the ideals it professes?

According to W. C. Brownlee, in 1550 Pope Julius III published a new coin with the motto, “The nation and kingdom that will not serve me shall perish!”i Has the universal political power of the Papacy changed since that time?
i. W. C. Brownlee, Popery. An Enemy to Civil and Religious Liberty; and Dangerous to Our Republic (New York: John S. Taylor, Publisher, 1836): 101-102.

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Wealth Redistribution
Taking from the rich to give to the poor is the prerogative of both those in power and the poor themselves, according to the Papacy.
Pope Francis with Patriarch Bartholomew I in Jerusalem.
Watch our ADtv video That All May Be One. 
Unity at All Cost?
Unity is the new catchphrase in religious circles. Through the charismatic movement and the efforts of the Vatican, Protestant denominations are putting aside their differences and focusing on conformity rather than strong doctrine.
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The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), or the Hare Krishna movement, was founded by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1966. Source: Wikipedia.
Spiritism throughout Religions
New Age spiritism can be found in the doctrines of many popular religions.
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Catholic Pentecostalism
The spread of Pentecostalism is due in large part to the corresponding ecumenical movement and increasing influence of the Pope in Catholic and Protestant circles.
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Have we turned caring for the planet into a religion?
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Aruna drives Sûrya's sun chariot. This 12th-century relief is found in the Angkor Wat temple built by
Paganism and Christmas
Some pagan feasts and rituals have been kept alive in the form of Catholic holidays.
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The work of the Counter Reformation changed how the world perceived Catholicism. No Roman doctrine had to be altered, but instead Protestants were led away from doctrinal issues and introduced to experiential religion.

Read more about the issue of Pentecostalism and modern spirituality.
The Charismatic Movement and Spiritual Gifts
The Holy Spirit gives gifts and abilities to His people. Do the signs and wonders we see in the charismatic movement bear the mark of the Holy Spirit, or do they originate somewhere else?
Toronto Airport Fellowship
Manifesting the Charismatic Spirit
Are occurrences such as weeping statues, apparitions of Mary, and the "laughing in the Lord" phenomenon really manifestations of the Holy Spirit?
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The New Age Movement
What is the New Age movement and how does it relate to our lives?
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Paganism in our Culture
Sports, card games, and even the way we organize our calendar all stem from ancient pagan rites.
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The United Nations' Global Government
A world government is in the works. Learn the history—and future—of the global strategy.
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The History of Tongues
Learn the different forms speaking in tongues has taken throughout history. Speaking in tongues is an ancient practice, but it isn’t purely a Christian practice. Read about the various understandings and uses of glossolalia throughout history.
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The crest of the Knights of Columbus. Notice the Maltese Cross and the bound bundle of rods that stands for fascism. Source:
CC Katie Tegtmeyer on Flickr
Secret Societies
The secrets of secret societies go deeper than you think.
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People of Power Convention 1994.
Revival and the "Power of God"
At times, the phrase "power of God" is used, when "power of us" is really meant.
Rembrandt's depiction of the storm Jesus calmed. Public Domain.
Signs and Wonders
Are miraculous signs the best way to be sure that God exists?
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Albrecht Dürer's
What’s So Bad about Spiritual Formation?
Spiritual formation is a popular new way to draw near to God. But beneath the good intentions lie dangerous practices that can in fact pull people towards occultism rather than God.
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God promised Abraham that his descendants would become a great nation—God's chosen people.
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